Wednesday, May 5, 2010

pregnancy symptoms week by week

In this month, the fetus can begin to recognize the surrounding environment. The fetus begins to feel the various sensations. Eyebrow and fine hair on the scalp begins to grow, that this is temporary. Two weeks after the baby is born, these hairs will fall out. Fetal activity is relatively regular schedule. On the morning until the afternoon, the fetus will be rested. Therefore, at this time range, the fetus did relatively little movement. At night, the fetus is an active activity, so that sometimes interfere with activities of sleeping mother. At the age of five months, the fetus has a body length of 25 cm.

In the development of pregnancy-Week 17

Developing fetal skin and transparent. Looks red because the blood vessels still visible. The ear is fully formed and are in final position. Though his eyes were closed, the fetus can capture bright light. Weighing about 120 grams, up to form the uterus looks oval and not round. As a result, the uterus is pushed from the pelvic cavity leads to abdominal cavity. Auto intestinal mother pushed almost to the heart, so often stung heartburn.
The rapid growth of the uterus is also made ligaments stretch, especially when there are sudden movements. Pain or discomfort is called ligament pain rotundum. Therefore it is advisable to maintain posture, and do not make sudden movements or which cause stretching.

For the development of pregnancy on the fetus Sunday 18th

The fetus is now able to listen to voices from outside your body. Fetus would move or jump when listening to loud noise. The fetus is able to contract muscles and relax, The fetus was able to kick, punch and move very active. In this week you probably already can feel the movement of rotation for the first time.
Estimated fetal weight of approximately 150 grams. The uterus can be palpated just below the navel, roughly the size of a watermelon. Uterine growth in the future will change the balance of the mother's body. While the increased mobility of joints influence the postural changes as well cause back complaints. These complaints grew older when uncontrollable weight gain. To fix this, familiarize lying on her left side, avoid standing for long periods and lifting heavy loads. In addition, a time to rest his legs as often as possible by lifting / prop disposable pillow.
Starting this age of interactive relationship between mother and fetus increasingly interwoven. No wonder every time the mother is happy, sad, hungry or feel anything else, feel the same fetus.



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