Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, or strokes, occur in nearly 50% of pregnant women. Scars on the abdomen is due to stretch the skin in line with the growing uterus and the abdominal wall. In fact, strokes are not only appears in the stomach, but can also appear on the breasts and thighs. Scars that appears shaped like curving lines on the skin surface with a little white color. Itch is also sometimes appears in streaks and surrounding areas. Scars are usually reduced, fade and then disappear after a few months of birth. But not infrequently, this stretch also cause rips in the subcutaneous tissue. If you already like this, it's hard to lose strokes. However you do not worry, here are tips sniper eliminate stretch marks in pregnant women:

Sweet Stretch Mark Removal Tips On Pregnant Women

1. Keep Moisture Skin, especially the stomach and breast, and other body parts to dry skin, by rubbing moisturizing cream.

2. Easy to Wear Clothes That Absorb Sweat, from cotton and T-shirt and baggy enough to anticipate that dried out too much. This causes the skin to be itchy and spur you to scratch it.

3. Improve Skin Elasticity. Inadequate needs vitamins, minerals (vegetables, fruits), drink and do the treatment with a moisturizer (preferably natural, such as olive oil)

4. Apply anti-stretch mark cream since early in pregnancy. However, before you use it, check first with your doctor or try a bit first. If it does not generate reactions worried you can continue to wear them. However, application of creams more secure if done after the baby is born.

5. Traditional treatments. After your baby is born, you can perform a traditional treatment. Combine lime juice with the tip of a teaspoon into a liquid condensed whiting, and then rubbed smooth thin on the stomach (be careful if too thick will be hot and it burns the skin). This can be done two times a day after a shower. In addition, the juice is now available ready-made herbal medicine for treatment like this.

6. Laser surgery. After the baby is born, you can use laser surgery, which removes the white dashes with laser light. Although relatively minor action, you should still do consulting your physician first.



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