Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The natural process of pregnancy

Process of Pregnancy (naturally) are the result of fertilization of egg cells in female ovaries by a sperm. In the process of nature, this occurs because the sperm into the ovary through the cervix at the time of intercourse.

Normally, women only produce one egg every month. On the other body of men can produce sperm continuously in large quantities. On average each spray semen contains 100-200 million sperm. But of that number only one who managed to penetrate the ovary and fertilize the egg. This is one form of natural selection to select the best seeds.
If fertilization is successful, from a single fertilized egg cell size of 0.2 mm and will continue to proliferate and migrate into the uterus.

Approximately 70-10 days after conception, the fertilized egg cell will come in and stuck to the lining of the uterus. Analogous to the mattress, the lining of the uterus is thick and soft so that it can to protect the fertilized egg cell. At this stage of pregnancy has begun.

During the time the fertilized egg cell has continued to multiply and form a sort of roots / hair smooth. It absorbs nutrients contained in the lining of the womb so that it can grow. These fine hairs will have a very important function for the fetus.

On about day five, the fertilized egg cell and exit from the ovary has been shaped as a single line. The first formed are nervous. The next development is divided into two, namely the brain and marrow. Soon after this the forerunner to such important organs of heart, blood vessels, muscles, etc. have started to form.

On the other hand the placenta (the placenta) which serves surrounding the fetus during pregnancy process has also begun to take shape. Until the third week of gestation the fetus can still be detected. In this moment the baby's head approximately half of the length of body, whereby the baby's body still looked like the tail only.



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